Bombshell Booty Building Online Group Fitness Program

$59.00 / month

Are you looking for glorious glute gainz, trying to add junk to your trunk or dying to put more mass on your …? Look no further, cuz your program is HERE!

Have you always longed for a badonkadonk that is the stuff of hip hop legend? Have you toiled away doing a million squats in desperate hope of having someone yell “Baby got BACK!” when you walk into a room, only to have all your hard work end in frustration and a flat bum? If so,

You have come to the right place!

Despite the million memes about the importance of the almighty squat when it comes to building a great backside, squats alone will not turn

this:                        into this:


Instead, you need to incorporate a multitude of different exercises in a programmed progression to see the best results, both in terms of size and strength of your body’s biggest muscle, the gluteus maximus. And THAT, my friends, is EXACTLY what I’m going to give you in this program.

A bigger booty. Guaranteed.

Every week you will be assigned four training sessions which focus specifically on our target area, but which also include other exercises to ensure that you’ve got balance from top to bottom. In other words, don’t fret over losing hard won upper body gainz, cuz I won’t let that happen.

Curves are sexy. Period.

Looking amazing isn’t just about what happens in the gym, so in addition to glute specific training, you’re also going to get some pretty cool nutritional information and guidance as well as proven strategies for weight control if counting everything you eat just isn’t your thing.

Now’s your chance to confidently rock those bikini bottoms!


What we provide:
  • Customized booty building workouts for the length of the program
  • Nutrition information provided to help you reach your goals
  • An immersive social media experience with other members just like you
  • Tips, tricks and video clips of exercises included in the program
  • Cool hip mobility programming to help your muscles fire more efficiently
  • Glamorous glutes, bodacious buns, and a delightful derriere
What you need to bring with you:
  • Gym Access or at least access to resistance bands and dumbbells
  • Some familiarity with basic lifting terms and techniques (It’s OK if you’re just starting out, we’ll help)
  • A willingness to train 4 days per week
  • A desire for serious booty gains!

Be a little cheeky and sign up today!

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